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The Connecticut Air & Space Center is a non-profit Air Museum that displays vintage aircraft, memorabilia, and artifacts that pertain to Connecticut, both inside and out. The museum's motto is to: Honor, Preserve, Educate. Honoring the founders, workers, and companies from Connecticut. Preserving the vehicles and artifacts they used. And Educating this generation and the next about this history.


Founded by George "Doc" Gunther (and a host of other dedicated aviation enthusiasts) in 1998 after the closing of the Stratford Army Engine Plant, in Stratford, Connecticut. Currently the Connecticut Air & Space Center occupies buildings 6 and 53 at the former Stratford Army Engine Plant complex. The museum is one of only a handful throughout the country to be located in a portion of an original WWII aircraft factory. Click below to view just some our exciting restoration projects:

Original vintage hangar built in 1929 by the Curtiss Flying Service, it's a true standing artifact in its own right! 

WWII Navy Fighter Plane built at the factory here by Vought during WWII. Our example was built by Goodyear in Ohio. 

One-of-a-kind prototype heavy lift helicopter that was one of the last aircraft Igor Sikorsky was fully involved in.

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