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A-7 Portable Engine / Prop Hoist

The A-7 Portable Engine / Prop Hoist was a simple and easy-to-use all purpose steel tubular welded frame hoist crane that could be easily disassembled down to smaller sub-assemblies. The need for such a crane came about during the build-up to World War II. The US military anticipated the maintenance needs of its vast air-forces of aircraft in harsh environments that would be less than suitable for it's mechanics. Thus the decision was made to simplify any and all kinds of maintenance equipment across the board. The A-7 is a great example of this process. 

Acquired in 2015 from the Sikorsky Airport, this A-7 crane has been used at the airport for as long as anyone can remember. Officials at the Connecticut Air & Space Center believe this crane could have been used at the Chance Vought plant or possibly at the Bridgeport Army Airfield site across from the rest of the airfield in Lordship. It is the goal to eventually restore this crane back to like-new condition. 

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