1929 Curtiss Hangar


The journey begins this year, 2022! More news to follow.


Help restore this landmark this year as we begin reconstruction.

The Connecticut Air & Space Center is in the process of restoring the vintage 1929 Curtiss Aircraft Hangar back to it's former glory. But not without YOUR help! We need financial contributions to save this iconic and most important relic of our shared history! A truly historic landmark that saw the likes of Igor Sikorsky, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Juan Trippe, and Howard Hughes.


Working with the Town of Stratford and City of Bridgeport in 2015, the museum was able to secure a 98-year lease for the dilapidated Curtiss aircraft hangar. It is the goal of the Connecticut Air & Space Center to restore the hangar back to its original splendor and display it's growing fleet of restored aircraft and displays! To become a significant regional cultural educational location like no other in Southern Connecticut! Help us save our history!

Checks can be made to:

The Curtiss Hangar Restoration Fund, C.A.S.C.

P.O.Box 1293

Stratford, CT 06615-1293

The Airport in 1936
Bridgeport Flight Service
Overhead View
Overhead View
Before Restoration
The Corsair and Her Future Home