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In Memoriam

To those Volunteers of the CASC who have Gone West

  • George "Doc" Gunther

  • Capt Nick Mainiero USMC

  • Gennaro (Jerry) Verderosa

  • Bob Sammis

  • Joseph LoSardo

  • Bill Digney

  • Thomas James Pantello

  • Donald Kenneth Mays

  • Richard "Dick" Sykes

  • Charles Kuintzle Jr.

  • Ron Pavluvcik

  • Morgan Kaolin
  • Janet Renkowsky

  • Betty Soltis

  • Lou Esposito

  • Gene Madara
  • Nancy Stanley

  • Marc Carofano

  • Ronald Crisanti

  • Gerard Callahan

If you know of a CASC member that has passed, and is not shown on our list, please email us at:

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