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We are one of the youngest museums of this type in the Northeast and are primarily funded by your generous donations. That includes donations of manpower and time. Volunteering at the Connecticut Air & Space Center is a fulfilling endeavor. You will get to know and work with some of the best people you will ever meet. We are dedicated to preserving the history of Connecticut’s contribution to flight, enhancing aerospace knowledge, and encouraging a spirit of discovery.

It’s easy to become a member of the Connecticut Air & Space Center! Annual memberships start at $50 for an individual. Like to get your hands dirty working on airplanes? Like spending time working in the machine shop? Gathering research from the archive? There are a million jobs to do, and the CASC is always looking for volunteers.

  • General / Entry Level: (Labor, Cleaning, Organizing, Painting, Event Parking, Flight Line etc.)

  • Advanced / Intermediate Level: (Carpentry, Computer, Graphics, Model Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Auto, etc.)

  • Specialized / Senior Level: (Team building / Leadership, Fabrication, Avionics, Airframe / Powerplant, Pilot, etc)

For more information on volunteering please email:

Why do we have a paid membership?

We ask for an annual membership fee to help support the museum and be able to get the chance to work on these vintage aircraft and learn new and amazing skills, all the while growing friendships with like minded individuals with all the same simple goal. To preserve aviation history. The membership fee goes a long way to helping accomplish that. With paying utilities / mortgage / insurance, to building infrastructure, to the acquirement of new equipment / aircraft / artifacts, to being able to launch new marketing campaigns to increase visitor attendance, to being able to book flyable aircraft for monthly aviation related events throughout the Summer. All these are capable with the generous funding we receive through the membership. And we are appreciative of everybody who decides to become a member. We understand a financial commitment to a non-profit can be pretty far down on the list for alot of people. Especially right now in these uncertain times. And that's why we have three tiered membership packages!

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