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The mission of the Connecticut Aerospace Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc. is:

1. To form an association of persons Whose interest is in the past, present and future development of aviation and aerospace technology, with special emphasis on the historic contributions made within the State of Connecticut and by its citizens.

2. To develop an educational facility to conduct seminars, workshops and assemblies on aviation and aerospace history to benefit the community and its elementary, high school and college students.

3. To support and train historians, students, experts, tradespeople and technicians to maintain and restore a collection of aircraft and aerospace-related exhibits for public access in a museum setting and to provide a reference library for researchers and scholars.

4. To maintain a physical facility to house such related educational resources, reference data, aircraft and aerospace vehicles and military equipment.

5. To acquire through purchase, lease, loan, donation or gift, various exhibits and artifacts for display and reference which fulfill the organizations goals.

6. To join with other organizations, groups or individuals who have similar interests and who may wish to affiliate with and/ or display their collections in a cooperative manner with the Museum.

7. To recognize the achievements of those individuals who have contributed to the development of aviation and aerospace technology by inducting them, into the Connecticut Aerospace Hall of Fame.

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